Dylan Rowley
619-223-LOAN (5626)


From: Rosemary Stomp

Westminster, CA

For: Dylan Rowley

I cannot thank Dylan Rowley enough for all the work he did to get our family home refinanced. It took over four months of perseverance to achieve our goal and yet Dylan never wavered. At times it was daunting but he was always encouraging and helped me over the hurdles.

In January this year I contacted the government refinance assistance website. I let them know that I wanted to refinance my home to get out from under a very high interest rate. I started getting emails from potential lenders immediately. My first call was from Quicken Loans. The lending officer was quite nice and after explaining some credit problems, some of my own doing and others erroneous, Quicken dropped me like a hot potato. I had other calls from lenders and with each one I explained my situation. Most were polite, some had an attitude of “oh sure, I’ve heard that one before”, but overall they were not willing to take the time to see it through.

Then my luck changed and I got an email from Dylan Rowley of OmniFund and then he gave me a call. Dylan’s attitude is amazing. From the get go he made me feel as though anything could be accomplished. I knew that Dylan Rowley was on my side. I know I must have driven him crazy with all the emails, the phone calls and the questions but he never hesitated to help me through the process. Not only did you walk me through the process but Dylan helped me better understand mortgage financing and the credit reporting bureaus. I know this is his business but he has the capacity to realize that it is not the client’s business; it’s their personal life.

The best part is that after four and a half months of working with you, our credit problems have been resolved, our refinance loan is complete, our interest rate is reduced by over 2% and we have peace of mind.

I would recommend to anyone who needs a mortgage loan that Dylan Rowley is the man to contact. Whether you have excellent credit and the loan procedure is a walk in the park or if you have less than excellent credit and you need help navigating through pitfalls and hurdles, you need to have Dylan on your team – he is truly the best and I thank him everyday for his guidance -- you will too.


Rosemary Stomp